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Hey if you are finding the best and free VPN App then you are the right place, we are back with one other useful app that is Turbo VPN.

There are many problems that one is facing while surfing different things on the internet.

Many sites are not available in different regions due to there availability reasons

So for solving this problem this app is very useful

This app enables us to search all the websites but switching the regions freely

So basically we can say that Turbo VPN is an app that lets you search freely without location-based restriction.

One of the best parts of this app is you can switch by just tapping a button without registering and without conditions.

Turbo VPN is a totally free VPN also it saves space on your mobile phone.

The app has gained many reaches and had become very popular in India

The concept of VPN is very simple and by using the VPN anyone can not track your location.

Even if you want to access the sites that are only made for the USA you can by using the VPN.

So we can say that if we want to access the information from anywhere and at any time we can get by using this app.

The app is available for Android users on Google play store and for iOS users App store.

The app has become very popular and when I have written this article there where around 5,000,000+ installs with 4.6 stars on Google Play Store and 4.7 stars on the App Store.

What is TURBO VPN?

The Turbo VPN app is a free surfing app without location tracking.

Using a VPN you can surf everything even the website that is blocked in your region.

It is very easy to use just a single tap can turn on the VPN on your phone.

It is also used for security and privacy.

So, when you are connected, you can see a silhouette of a rabbit and a button with a carrot in the center.

Turbo VPN is an excellent alternative to more conventional VPN apps.

The app provides the best protection against Hackers.

You can spend your most secure way on the internet without any threat.

Even there is no issue of net speed while using this app you can unblock sites and apps at a super stable and fast speed.

Using this app you can keep your network unobstructed.

Multiple free VPN proxy servers are provided so that you can enjoy the fast connection.

Features of App

  • A private and secure VPN.
  • A stable and fast VPN.
  • 100% free VPN.
  • User-friendly.
  • Small and light.

How to download Turbo VPN?

You can easily download the app from here without any risk,

File size11.08 MB
TitleTurbo VPN – Free VPN Proxy Server & Fast VPN
Developed ByInnovative Connecting
Req Android versionVaries with device


How to use Turbo VPN?

The working and usage of the app are very simple by just turning on the button you get connected to VPN.

But the detailed steps of how to use the app is given below.

  • As you download the app open the app and you have to agree on the privacy
    policy first.

Turbo VPN privacypolicy

  • Now by clicking on the carrot button it gets connected as shown below.

Turbo vpn connected

  • You can select a different country by clicking on the ag icon on the top right side of
    the screen.

select different country

  • There is also an option available for Netix,

Netflix vpn

  • By clicking on the “X” you get disconnected.

So that’s it! Very simple.


  1. Is turbo VPN safe?
    Any VPN providers who do not log your users are safe to use. And Turbo VPN does not log your usage so it is safe to use.
  2. . Is turbo VPN safe in India?
    Well yes if the VPN is used positively than it is never harmful to use.
  3. Is turbo VPN free?
    Yeah, the app is free and if you want some more security then the premium pack is also available


Turbo VPN is very much used nowadays in India for various purposes

The app provides much more security from hackers and secures your passwords.

Turbo VPN takes up less than 6 MB storage.

If you want any extra security and fast server speed than the provided than the premium pack is also available.

Also the premium pack free trial is also available for 7 days.

The UI design of the app is also very simple and can be effectively used by anyone of them.

So, to get more knowledge of more such interesting and helpful app stay tuned with us.

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