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Hey everyone, So today we will ride through on of the most trending app that is Among Us.

Everyone gets bored by there daily routines and is finding some or the other thing that can refresh them.

So here it is! This game is the most trending and majorly played.

The game is very easy to play and is played in a team.

The idea behind making this game is just awesome.

If you have played it once then you will get addicted to it and will play a lot many times.

There are many apartments made inside the game in which you can roam all around in the game.

The chat option is also available through which we can chat with all the team members.

The app has become very famous because of the detective idea of the developer.

The Among Us game is available on both the platforms that are the Android Play Store and Apple App Store.

So it can be played very effectively.

When I have written this article the app has reached around 50,000,000+ downloads and around 4.5 stars.

What is Among Us Game?

The among us game is a type of detective game which has become most trendy nowadays.

In the game, you are the member of a team trying to run a space ship and keep its mission on course.

The game is started when all the 10 members are in the room and from which one is an imposter.

The task of the imposer is to kill all the crewmates secretly.

While all the crewmates are given different tasks to perform and if they complete the task without being killed than the crewmates win the game.

Really interesting, right?If the crewmates get to know about the imposer they can call an emergency meeting.

Also if someone finds a body, or a twice-per-game emergency meeting is called.

In the emergency meeting, they can discuss and poll the imposer name also they share the information about what they saw, who was absent, and if anyone has been acting suspiciously.

If the answer discussed is correct then the crewmates win the Among Us game.

And if not then the game continues and the imposer continues to kill everyone.

There is also a feature of making room and play with your friends and chat with them while playing the game.

In public mode, all the peoples can join from whole around the world and can play together.

The admin of the game can start the game and also you can leave the game in between.

What should you take in mind as a Crew Member:

  • Pay attention to voting.
  • Groups might feel safe but beware of a group of three.
  • Identify a partner and stick to them.
  • Don’t report dead bodies immediately.

What should you take in mind as an Impostor:

  • Don’t rush for the revenge Kill
  • Instead of getting defensive be smart.
  • Turn the tables on your overly vocal friends.
  • Use major sabotages as a way to isolate stragglers.
  • Don’t be afraid to throw your friend under the bus.

How to Download Among Us?

The app is available on both the Play Store and App store but if you find any difficulty in finding then you can download it from here safely,

File size70.00 MB
TitleAmong Us
Developed ByInnersloth LLC
Req Android version4.4 and up


How to Play the Among Us Game?

The game is very simple and easy to play below are the steps which will guide you to start playing your game

  • As you complete downloading the game just open the game and you will see the screen like this.

amoung us first screen

  • By clicking on the play button you can choose public or private or host play.

amoung us select game group

  • If you select the private you have to enter the room code that will be shared by your friend if you are playing together.

creates room

  • You can also host the game that creates room and share the code with your friends.
  • Then after joining the admin will start the game and on the top left corner, you will be able to see the task if you are a crew member

see the task

  • By clicking on the top right side round icon you will be able to chat with the friends.

chat with the friends

Among Us-FAQ

  1. Is among us game free?
    Yes, the game is available for free on both Android and iOS.
  2. Is among us game online?
    The game is online and you can even play with local wifi. Also, the game is worldwide used so it is necessary to have the internet while using it.


The Among Us app is very much on fire nowadays, especially among youngsters.

The game is really refreshing and if you play you will really enjoy it.

There are lots of apps launching every day on the Play Store but only some get trendy.

So for more knowledge on different upcoming apps stay tuned with us.

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